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Joe Okum
Mar 21, 2021
In Share Your Memory
I am sad, upset, and confused by the sudden passing of Geoff Wallace. Actually, I believe a lot of us are. This is evident by the outpouring of kind, loving, and amazing thoughts by so many. Geoff was a special person to so many yet I find it incredibly challenging to put into words the magnitude of his presence in all of our lives. I can’t recall a time when he wasn’t part of my life but even with his passing, I have chosen for him to live on within me. Often people consider folks to be part of their lives by their physical presence or their voice. Now that these are no longer options, unfortunately, I have come to realize his presence was and is something different altogether. Geoff was much more than a man in the physical sense of the word. He left impressions on so many which will last a lifetime. These impressions will be passed down for generations to come. So you may ask what made him so special or so special to me. Well where do I start… I guess let’s start here. Ian and Katie have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, therefore inherently Geoff was too. Geoff was the kindest, most loving, most optimistic person you could have met. He was the ultimate optimist. I have never met another person more optimistic than Geoff. This wore off on everyone around him. Even the most pessimistic person would soon at least slightly modify their outlook with enough exposure to him. I think most importantly he could magnify the smallest of lights in the darkest of times. Therefore as we all look at this time as a dark time and navigate the future ahead, I ask the following in the memory of Geoff Wallace. We should magnify the smallest of lights in our lives. Let us be grateful for all that we have. Let us be grateful for every interaction we have, especially with those that we love dearly. Be grateful for every moment we have, even through the roughest of times. Love one another harder, and most importantly let optimism and kindness guide our lives. Geoff was loved dearly and will be missed by all of us beyond imagination. Although he isn’t with us today in the physical sense he absolutely lives on in our hearts and souls. Let his life be a legacy to improve our lives, do better, stay optimistic and guide others as he would. Geoff lives on….

Joe Okum

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