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Kim Meyer
Mar 23, 2021
In Share Your Memory
Geoffrey Wallace you were the best "Step In" Dad/PapaBear a Gal could ever ask for!! You were so full of joy, love, kindness, generosity, and the best Dad jokes! You had the biggest loving heart and you loved me so much as if I was your very own daughter and for that I thank you so much! Thank you for all the long conversations and fun memories we have shared over the years that will never be forgotten Even though my heart is shattered over you being gone I know I will see you again at the pearly white gates I will never forget when we were talking about what we thought Heaven would be like and you said you believed heaven would have food magazines laying all around everywhere and all we will have to do is float our spirit bodies over the page of food we wanted and we would be able to have as much of that food as we wanted I can't help but to think you are floating over the spicy mets page followed by the chocolate page right now!!! I am sure Father God will even allow you to wear your neon pink shirts and shoe laces!!! Rest in Heaven PapaBear I'll take good care of your kiddos including the furry ones Jackson and Molly

Kim Meyer

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